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The Best Apps for Learning to Cook

I’ve met lots of new iPad owners so far this year who are also a whizz in the kitchen; one of the things we often do during the lesson is to explore the App Store and download some new Apps to play with.

The App Store is full of delicious apps to help you out in the kitchen.Whether you’re a novice cook or masterchef. Use these top 3 apps to boost your culinary skills.

jamies-recipesJamie Recipes – Free (Limited content. Extra recipes: £1.49)

Jamie’s Recipes makes everything really clear and shows you that cooking delicious, fresh food can be dead simple – and you can have a laugh at the same time too. The app is visually stunning and very well presented. The step-by-step guides are easy to follow and the video demonstrations will show you exactly what to do. Pukka!


473999The Photo Cook Book: Quick & Easy. – £2.49

The Photo Cookbook is like a private cooking course in your own kitchen with an experienced cook who clarifies the preparation. Beautiful photography, elegantly displayed in high resolution on your iPad, illustrates every step.


785308BBC Good Food. – Free (Limited content. Extra content  £3.00)

Whether you’re looking for weekday inspiration, trying to cook the perfect steak or attempting your own homemade ice cream, get cooking with the new BBC Good Food – Recipes, tips and cooking tools app. This app lets you buy and store all the existing BBC Good Food cookbook apps, and organise your favourite recipes and shopping lists in one place.


Trusted Certified Apple Pro

I'm Luke, I used to work for Apple in Southampton as a trainer and technician. I am also a qualified Apple Pro with certifications in Aperture 3 and Final Cut Pro. I am also a qualified school teacher and work part-time at a school in the New forest.

Your Mac Teacher, Friendly Training, Help & Support For Apple Users Your Mac Teacher, Friendly Training, Help & Support For Apple Users Your Mac Teacher, Friendly Training, Help & Support For Apple Users Your Mac Teacher, Friendly Training, Help & Support For Apple Users
Trusted Mac Teacher

We asked for Luke to come in for a training day with our staff since we were taking over the running of a Mac office and all had very little experience of using them. We found the half a day of training exceptionally useful. We were taught basic things, however we could already see that they would greatly increase our productivity and understanding of how to get the best out of using the Mac computers. The session was the best of both worlds of being taught the basics that we were lacking but without going too basic and wasting time. Will definitely be getting Luke back in again soon!

Stuart, Southampton

Thank you Luke for sorting out all my Apple issues! Luke was able to set up my multiple computers, phones and iPads with home and business email and calendar accounts. I have used his services multiple times and he always knows what to do, from printers, wifi and fix any issues whenever my Mac breaks or I need help with Office apps. Highly recommended.

K Van Der Vorm, Lymington