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How to protect your Mac against the ShellShock Virus


UPDATE: Apple have now released an update to prevent any Mac being exposed to the ShellShock virus. Update via the App Store.

Many of our clients have been contacting us as they are concerned about the Shellshock virus which has been getting a lot of media attention today.

Shellshock is a nasty ‘Bash Bug’ which can steal any information from your Mac. ShellShock could exist on any website and infect your computer without your knowledge. There is no doubt that Apple are scrambling to release a update to stop ShellShock from affecting anymore computers. In the meantime my advice would be the same as the ‘Heartbleed’ Virus which hit earlier in the year.

  1. Keep your Mac up-to-date. Apple will fix any security holes to its most recent operating system first. Make sure you are using the latest version of Mac OS (Mavericks). Check for updates in the Mac App Store. If your Mac notifies you of any security updates, do it right away!
  2. Keep away from dodgy websites! Stay on websites you are familiar with and can trust. Don’t visit obviously naughty or seedy areas of the internet such as trying to watch TV shows and movies online for free.
  3. Be extra safe and install Anti Virus Software. Although Macs are immune from most viruses, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection. The awesome guys at Sophos currently offer Anti Virus for Mac free of charge. Download here

Quite a serious post this week, normal service will resume after this blows over.



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