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How to get your iPad working again when attempting to update your iPad from an older iOS (Error 9)

iTunes error 9

Today I came across quite an strange situation which almost left an iPad totally useless. I’m sharing this so that if it happens to you you might be able to get your iPad working again. If you’re getting an ‘Unknown Error 9″ when trying to update from iOS 4, iOS 5 or iOS6 read on.

For some reason people don’t always update the OS on their iPhones and iPads. I always update ASAP to get all the fancy new features but especially for others who fear the task of updating I get it… If i ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

When you update from an ageing iOS you have to use iTunes, first your iDevice enters Recovery Mode which allows iTunes to move to a new os and either perform an update (keeping your data) or restoring (deleting your data).

However at this point iTunes communicates with an Apple server to check the signature of your iOS device – the trouble is the firmware is too old (pre iOS7). It appears the request to update times out and the error messages (code 9) appears on the screen.

There are now 2 problems…

  1. The iPad isn’t updated
  2. The iPad is stuck in Recovery mode

Unfortunately I can’t fix problem 1 – unless Apple acknowledge this problem and issue a fix themselves.

However there is a way to at least get out of Recovery Mode so you can at least use your iPad again. Simply download a little App called iReboot  – You just click a button and your iPad will be working again.

Download Reiboot – Windows only


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